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Physical properties of Kiriyama-rohto filters 
Type of filter paper NO.3 NO.4 NO.5A NO.5B NO.5C NO.6 NO.7 GFP SS-47
(hard quality) ( GA-200) LS-100
Retentive particle size (µm) 5 1 7 4 1 3 4 0.8 0.5
Filtration speed (approx.) Medium fast Very slow Fast Medium fast Slow Medium slow Medium fast Fast Very slow
Herzberg's filtration speed (sec)  120 1200 55 195 570 300 200 0.6 0.24
0.23 0.17 0.22 0.22 0.21 0.19 0.19    
Ash contents (g)/ 55mmΦ 0.0001 0.00006 0.00004 0.00004 0.00004 0.00002 0.000007    
Applications Quantitative analysis of soil, cement, fertilizer, mineral, etc. Strong acid or alkaline  soln.  Larger precipitation.  General precipitation.  Minute precipitation.  General precipitation.  General precipitation.  Materials required for chemical stability. Suspension particles.
Features Thicker paper.   Hard and tough. Quick filtration. Good retentiveness. Good retentiveness for fine particle. Good retentiveness but slower speed. Thinner and homogeneous paper. Hold up a lot of particle. Excellent retentiion ablity (containing organic binder). 
Quick filtration. Lower ash contents. 
Filter papers and recommendable funnel models.
Paper size (diameter mm) 21φ 25φ 40φ 60φ 95φ 150φ 185φ 240φ
Funnel models V-8 S-21 25Z (Separate type) S-40 S-60 S-95 S-150 S-185 PS-240
    SB-40 SB-60        
VB-8 SB-21 SU-40 SU-60 SU-95 SC-150 SC-185 PSC-240
Paper models NO.3×8 NO.3×21 NO.3×25 NO.3×40 NO.3×60 NO.3×95 NO.3×150 NO.3×185 NO.3×240
NO.4×8 NO.4×21 NO.4×25 NO.4×40 NO.4×60 NO.4×95 NO.4×150 NO.4×185 NO.4×240
NO.5A×8 NO.5A×21 NO.5A×25 NO.5A×40 NO.5A×60 NO.5A×95 NO.5A×150 NO.5A×185 NO.5A×240
NO.5B×8 NO.5B×21 NO.5B×25 NO.5B×40 NO.5B×60 NO.5B×95 NO.5B×150 NO.5B×185 NO.5B×240
NO.5C×8 NO.5C×21 NO.5C×25 NO.5C×40 NO.5C×60 NO.5C×95 NO.5C×150 NO.5C×185 NO.5C×240
NO.6×8 NO.6×21 NO.6×25 NO.6×40 NO.6×60 NO.6×95 NO.6×150 NO.6×185 NO.6×240
NO.7×8 NO.7×21 NO.7×25 NO.7×40 NO.7×60 NO.7×95 NO.7×150 NO.7×185 * NO.7×240
Quantity (1pack) 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 10 pcs
Price (1pack) US$8 US$10 US$12 US$15 US$18 US$34 US$39 US$40 US$17


Glass fiber papers (GFP) and recommendable funnel models.
GFP supplies a filtration with better chemical stability. 
Paper size (diameter mm) 21φ 25φ 40φ 47φ 60φ 95φ 150φ 185φ 240φ
Funnel models V-8 S-21 25Z type           (Sepa rohto) S-40 55-Z type  (Sepa rohto) S-60 S-95 S-150 S-185  
VB-8 SB-21 SB-40 SB-60 SU-95 SC-150 SC-185
    SU-40 SU-60      
      55-Z type      (Sepa rohto)      
Paper models (GFP type) GFP-8 GFP-21 GFP-25 GFP-40 SS-47SS (Separate type) GFP-60 GFP-95 GFP-150 GFP-185  
Quantity (1pack) 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs 100pcs 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs  
Price (1pack) US$6 US$6 US$8 US$13 US$54 US$16 US$27 US$52 US$59