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10346 DNP-dPEG 4

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CAS: 879571-23-0

Item Name: DNP-dPEG 4

10346 DNP-dPEG 4

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CAS: 879571-23-0
Item Name: DNP-dPEG 4 acid
Item #: 10346
Mol. Wt.: 431.39;
single compound dPEG Spacer is 16 atoms and 18.0 A
Product Features and Benefits: Unique dPEG containing pegylation labeling reagent with amine reactivity Activate the acid activated in situ, e.g., EDC/NHS Vital NEW type of label carrier in antibody manufacturer Also for placing DNP as a probe diagnostic Hydrophilic, water solubizing and non-immunogenic/ non-antigenic spacer Using this compound in the applications will reduce or eliminate many problems inherent when using conventional chemistry, e.g., immunoreactivity to spacer, non-specific binding, increases water solubility, etc. Applications: Hapten-carrier for anti-DNP antibodies: The DNP-dPEG x acids (also see PN 10347 & 10399, the NHS ester) can be used to label a carrier such as KLH for generating anti-DNP antibodies. Using the dPEG as a spacer not only eliminates the immunogenicity of conventional activation technologies, as well as enhancing the labeling capacity on the carrier by adding water solubility inherent in the dPEG spacer. The result will be better, more specific anti-DNP antibodies. DNP probe applications: This can potentially used as the DNP label on the probe to which the anti-DNP is being applied, where the probe is amine reactive., including peptides, proteins and oligos/DNA, etc. Protocol &
References: See Greg T. Hermanson, Bioconjugate Techniques, 2nd Ed, Elsevier Inc., Burlington, MA 01803, April, 2008 (ISBN-13: 978-0-12-370501-3; ISBN-10: 0-12-370501-0). See his Chapter 19 especially in hapten-carrier chemistry and applications, as well as Chapter 18 on Discrete PEG pegylation reagents, with much of the chapter featuring our reagents