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CosmoPAGE Dual Run and Blot System
The CosmoPAGE Dual Run & Blot Cell is the next generation dual functional apparatus for electrophoresis and western blotting transfer. The ingenuous design allows using the same buffer core for both running and blotting gels up to 9 cm x 9 cm, as well as exploiting voltage gradient for better transfer efficiency for complete transfers of all proteins (and oligonucleotides). The inner chamber of the cell can be securely sealed outside the cell making it easier to see sample wells when loading. With symmetrical cell, the CosmoPAGE Dual Run & Blot Cell runs and blots two gels at the same speed without the hassle of difference in running time.


  • Dual function for both electrophoresis and blot
  • Super transfer efficiencyfor complete transfers of all proteins
  • Secure seal - no worry of leaking and easy to see sample wells
  • Symmetrical design allowing two gels to run or blot at the same speed